Lebowa Funeral Parlour is a company that deals with everything that concerns the funeral services.


Funeral Services

Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult. People grief is different ways but Lebowa Funerals has 38 years’ experience and we know exactly how to resolve any obstacle and we know exactly what grieving families need. We sell policies and society packages. We also deal with programmes, refresher towels, coffin sprays, possies, grave markers, tents and chairs, mobile toilets and many more things.



Also known as digging out remains or repatriation of remains to one birth place or another community, province or country. Reinterment to one section of cemetry to another. Relocation of the remains to another cemetry or country where family established permanent residence. Cost to exhume depends on transportation, services, coffin, casket or container . Etc.



It’s the act of burying again. Lebowa Funerals helps in burying your beloved ones in the place your heart and souls desires and in the tradition you wish for. Cost to rebury depends on transportation, services, coffin, casket or container. Etc


Tombstones Erections

The significance of unveiling of a tombstone relates not only to the rembrance of the deceased loved ones and a celebration of their life after death but also bring the entire family together, Lebowa Funerals helps bringing families together and making our the deceased be remembered forever by erecting and unveiling tombstones. We deal with all types and shapes i.e adult, children, double and granite.


Catering at Funerals

We are honoured and delighted to come and meet you at your home to help prepare delicious food for the funeral. We will be on hand for any request. We understand the emotional difficulty that arises when a loved one passes but we are also professional caterers. Everything shall be made easier for your family.


Designing and Erecting Plaques

Lebowa Funerals plaques i.e plate and tablet fixed to a wall for a person or event. They help specify type and placement of memorial.


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