Our Team

Since 1976 we have been serving the community at large with excellence and professionalism. Our dedicated stuff of over 100 permanent members make sure our tradition lives on. Lebowa Funerals was founded by Jacky Tema and Stanley Tema in 1976. Today we have 12 branches in Limpopo and Gauteng respectively. We are very proud to continue this tradition of serving families and societies with the utmost compassion and respect in their time of grief.

Our Vision

  • Lebowa Funeral Parlour is striving to be one of the best funeral Parlours in South Africa.
  • We aim to have branches all over the country and neighbouring states.
  • To reduce high unemployment rate in South Africa and contributing to South African Economic Growth.


Our Mission

  • Lebowa funeral Parlour’s mission is to maintain and improve the company’s position in Limpopo and South Africa at large and its neighbouring states hence our motto is “YOUR GRIEF IS OUR CONCERN” as  highly skilled and professional funeral undertaker.
  • To give best service to our clients irrespective of class, race and ethnicity.
  • To have the best staff development programmes, thus uplifting their standard of living financially , educationally and otherwise.


Core Values

  • Maintanence of ethical standards.
  • Customer services orientation.
  • Open and honest communication.
  • Spirit of partnership.


Quality Policy

  • Striving for acceptable return on the investment.
  • Consistently achieving higher market share each year.
  • Being the lowest cost operator with high quality service Integration and diversification into profitable and sustainable markets.
  • Training and developing our employee skills.


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